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TaiChi Easy (TCE)
TaiChi Easy
What is TaiChi Easy and how can it benefit you? Take a moment to watch the videos to the right.  They feature Dr. Roger Jahnke, the "creator" of TaiChi Easy - the top one is him talking about TaiChi and QiGong and how it can help heal our society, and the bottom video is one of him demonstrating the 5 basic movements that we teach in TaiChi Easy.  Don't let it scare you off, we go through each step very slowly - and have fun while doing it!

Basics: Part1 Part2 

Animal Frolics QiGong
Tiger (Liver, anger):  Tiger1  Tiger2
Crane   Crane1   Crane2  
Monkey  Monkey1  Monkey2
Bear  Bear1  Bear2
Deer (Kidneys, fear)  Deer1  Deer2

TCE Drop-in Classes:  no drop-in classes at this time, if you're interested in a 10-class series for $100, please send me an email with your preferred days and times.
I love Tai Chi Easy class! Not only do I get a full-body workout using slow and gentle movements, but at the end of class I feel centered and peaceful. The day I take Tai Chi Easy class is my favorite day of the week!
                               -Terri Buhrow, Chippewa Falls