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Online scheduling
Initial $95   Subsequent $65   Abbreviated $40-50   
Cosmetic (Face or Neck)  10/$1,100 or $120each
Weight Loss/Stop Smoking/Addictions/PTSD/Eating Disorders package of 10 for $399

​In this country, Acupuncture is most often used for pain relief (emotional or physical), 
as well as digestive issues and insomia. In China it's most often used for neurological 
conditions such as stroke rehabilitation, Bell's Palsy, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy. 
For a list of conditions commonly treated, click here.  

The initial appointment takes 1.5-1.75 hours and includes a detailed health history, an 
evaluation based on Chinese medical theory, and an acupuncture treatment. Subsequent 
treatments take about an hour and include a briefer update as to how you are doing.

The following techniques or adjunct therapies may be used during your appointment in 
addition to acupuncture needling: Moxibustion, Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim) of points, Acupressure, Food Therapy. These are provided as needed per your treatment plan (and as time allows) and they are included in the initial/subsequent visit charge. TuiNa Massage, Cupping, or GuaSha can be added to your treatment for a nominal charge.

Abbreviated treatments take about 45 minutes and include Acupuncture only, E-Stim can be added for an additional $10. If your treatment plan is consistent and uncomplicated it may be able to be done in an shorter amount of time. Your acupuncturist will be able to tell you if your case can be done as an abbreviated treatment.  
Massage Therapy & Bodywork - No longer providing these services - please call 
Eric Willmarth at Chippewa Valley Therapeutic Massage 715-456-6755

We use an integrated approach tailored to your unique condition in order to meet your health goals. Based on our 
assessment, you might need a combination of deep tissue, myofascial release and some pain relieving essential oils. 
Or feel free to pick your favorite technique from the list below. Massage therapy is priced at a flat rate per amount 
of time - no hidden upcharges for deep tissue, hot stone, pregnancy, etc., even Raindrop therapy or cupping are 
included in the flat rate.

     • Aromatherapy - included FREE with all massages!

​     • CranioSacral Therapy - light touch technique often combined with Reiki - very good 
        for back, sacral, or neck pain as well as headaches, migraines and brain disorders.

​     • Cupping - strong suction is created in a glass cup that is placed on the skin to release 
        muscles, connective tissue, trigger points and scars - very effective - twenty minutes 
        of cupping is like an hour of regular massage! Good for: shoulder pain or frozen 
        shoulder, hip pain/sciatica, plantar fasciitis/heel pain, carpal tunnel, scar tissue release.

​     • Deep Tissue or Sports Massage - focused work on specific muscles or muscle groups, good for pain relief and to 
        enhance physical performance (whatever your level), reduce recovery time after events, speed healing of injured 
        muscles and joints.

     • Hands/Feet/Face - reflexology of the hands and feet plus a facial massage - very relaxing and helps to heal and 
        balance the entire body - a fully clothed option.

     • Hot Stone - increase the ability to relax during your massage, loosen tight muscles for pain relief.

​     • Indian Head Massage - nourishing oils massaged into the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, upper back and arms. 

     • LomiLomi - Swedish massage on steroids! Totally amazing - if you really want to feel like a "wet noodle", this is the 
        massage for you! Watch a demo here Video#1 and here Video#2

     • Lymphatic Drainage - good for edema (swelling), after surgical removal of lymph 
        nodes, to increase your resistance to disease and "jump start" your immune response. 
        Suggested twice a year for overall health maintenance (in spring and fall - during 
        typical cold and flu seasons). Lymphatic drainage can be added to the facial massage 
        to promote a "natural face lift" effect.

     • Myofascial Release - typically used as part of deep tissue massage to relieve pain, 
        also for releasing connective tissue restrictions, scar tissue, and very important for 
        structural alignment issues.

     • Pregnancy - Pre or Post Natal, and Infant Massage (instruction for parents).

     • Raindrop Therapy - 9 healing essential oils and oil blends are applied to the feet and spine in order to balance and 
        heal the entire body. A great technique for cold/flu season!

     • Reflexology - primarily massage of points on the feet - but can also be hands and ears. These reflex points encourage healing in all other 
        parts of the body as well as internal organs.

     • Reiki - energy work - a fully clothed option to balance the mind and body, relieves stress and pain.

     • Swedish Massage - your typical "relaxation massage", designed to reduce emotional stress and loosen tight muscles.

     • Thai Yoga Massage - feel relaxed, yet invigorated at the same time. Similar to assisted yoga. Lots of stretching and deep muscle work. 
        Excellent for those who are tight and not very flexible. Another fully clothed option that can be done on a mat on the floor or on a massage 
        table. Videos: Leg  Leg2  Seated  Back  Front  Head/Neck

      • TuiNa - traditional oriental massage done fully clothed that uses pressing, pulling, kneading, rocking, vibration, and joint range of motion.

        Fully Clothed Options - Thai Yoga Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, TuiNa, Hands/Feet/Face, Sports Massage

Services - we are no longer accepting new patients

At For Your Health, we take care to provide our clients and patients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We have many tools in our "tool box" from which to choose to help you feel better. A listing of the different techniques we employ is listed below.  All rates listed are for payment on the date of service, insurance or billed rates are different - a complete price list is available upon request.

Click here to see a list of common Conditions that can benefit from the services we offer.